Brico+ project has a mandate to develop appropriate working structures enabling people in need of re-entering the workplace.

Our workshop

Our workshop operates similarly to a private company, with the difference that it focuses primarily as targets the benefits of working by adjusting the operating capabilities of participants. Thus, it is primarily the working conditions as we adapt to our staff, and not vice versa. Then, participants begin their learning. They will develop work habits, begin to regain confidence, learn to communicate with each other, put aside their loneliness and their health problems.

Hospital Douglas

C.A.D.R.E. is in charge of two services at the Douglas Hospital done by people with mental illness :

  • Mail delivery service
  • Pickup of recyclables service

To work in appropriate conditions

Our clientele consists mainly of people struggling with mental health problems severe and persistent, which could not in their current state, returning to the labor market. The conditions offered to them are often too harsh, especially because they represent a fundamental change without a transition for people who have for the most part either never worked (they became ill during adolescence), or have not worked for many years.

The customer therefore needs an introduction or reintroduction to work gradually, and our workshop is a step important in this process. During this phase, the participants of our program may (re) start reaping the benefits of working as described above. They have the opportunity to explore their capabilities, learn about themselves without threatening their place in the workshop.

How do we help?

Through our activities, people get used to the rhythm of life in the labor market. Our activities, which all take place in groups, allow them to develop contacts with other people sharing their problems, and help them value.

To summarize, work performed under good conditions can:

  • Communicate with other people every day, often establish friendly contacts with some of them;
  • Develop and maintain behavior and attitudes consistent with the standards of our society and the specific regulations of Company;
  • Contributing to the group’s goals and develop a sense of belonging to it;
  • Focus on tasks, while leaving aside his personal problems;
  • flourish and be realized in achieving its objectives.

The success of Brico+ confirms that we can help people with mental health problems severe and persistent while remaining financially viable.

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