Being a participant

The participants

Participants receive a personalized schedule to which they are held and they themselves choose from our beaches hours while maintaining a minimum number of hours per week. They can organize their week depending on their habits which often include appointments with a doctor, social worker or other care, or therapeutic activities. They therefore a stable and regular schedule, and the number of hours remains between 20 and 35 hours per week depending on the capabilities and intentions each.

The atmosphere is friendly and everyone is comfortable and can express themselves freely while maintaining a minimum rules, those of any democratic society. The work is in teams in which a foreman assigned to each of its tasks. Everyone works at their own pace, yet the work is organized so that participants depend on each other for complete the work. They must demonstrate team spirit, understanding and assistance to their peers.

Atelier BRICO+

This subcontracting workshop offers activities such as assembling, labelling, packaging, etc.

Douglas Hospital – Courrier

The activities consist of individuals following pre-established routes to deliver mail between different offices and departments of the hospital.

Douglas Hospital – Recycling

The activity consists in collecting recyclable materials from the Institute.

Today, these programs offer a wide range of positions: 50 for BRICO+ and 15 for Douglas hospital, on a program named “interagir” in conjunction with Emploi-Québec.


Through our activities, we help people with mental health problems get their work habits back, and the life rythm that goes with it. It allows them to develop social contact with other people sharing their problems, and to feel more valuable.

Values, attitudes and habits

  • Self control
  • Self respect and respect towards others
  • The will of reaching specific goals
  • Identify one’s own talents and weaknesses
  • Understand one’s own role in the group


We work with the participant, his/her social worker and doctor in order to determine needs, note his/her progress and assist in development. A coordinator is always present to create a stimulating and pleasant environment and to allow a good group dynamic to emerge.

Conditions of integration

  • Receiving welfare
  • Being ready to work 20 hours minimum per week
  • Be autonomous in your mobility

Monthly payment

  • Welfare already received
  • 130 $ (interagir program)
  • Payback of the bus pass

I want to sign up!

Call us to make an appointment and visit the workshop. If you are interested, you can sign up on the waiting list.

When we have an available spot, we will contact you for a tryout period.

Your tryout period will determine your admission to the program. Once accepted, you will meet your Emploi-Québec agent to finalize the paperwork.

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