Work activities

The work activities that we offer consist of activities that include manual assembly, labeling, packaging and packaging of various items (media, jewelry, gift baskets, etc..). The activities come from contracts subcontract negotiated with private companies for distribution in Quebec. These companies are particularly appealed to us for two reasons:

  • small businesses because they have no internal division of production;
  • the larger companies because they command a temporary increase in their internal division which can not respond within a reasonable time.

Income from operations are reinvested in the studio creating permanent jobs paid for participants who are interested and are willing to work in conditions closer to those found on the labor market.

We therefore strive to diversify the sector profile of companies with whom we do business to ensure a level of activity minimum of one end to another year.

For the participants

We first sought to create an atmosphere where everyone is comfortable and can express themselves freely while maintaining a minimum rules, those of any democratic society. The work is in teams in which a foreman assigned to each of its tasks. Everyone works at their own pace, yet the work is organized so that participants depend on each other for complete the work. They must demonstrate team spirit, understanding and assistance to their peers.

These activities are also an opportunity for participants to make contact with others, learn about each other. The work done so they communicate with each other. Having lived experiences are often similar, they are easily understandable, and learning to be tolerant of them, they learn tolerance for themselves, better able to accept and begin to manage their problems.

Finally, the existence of workshops for people with mental health problems gives them the opportunity to adopt a more active stance in society and not passive. Instead of staying at home as most do, they participate in activities workshop, contribute to the national economy by producing goods for consumption.

Moreover, with Emploi Quebec and the Interagir program, they receive an income supplement that encourages them and gives them a little financial autonomy.

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