Regular cleaning

  • Clean the sink, counters and cupboard doors, outside the range hood, filters and fans.
  • Clean inside and outside microwave, toaster, kettle and other visible electric appliances and kitchen furniture.
  • Vacuum or sweep floor, carpeting and rugs as well as floors of cupboards and closets.
  • Wash floor.
  • Wash kitchen and bathroom garbage cans.
  • Dust vertical and horizontal surfaces of furniture (frames, ornaments, lamp, woodwork, window ledges and baseboards).
  • Clean mirrors.
  • Vacuum upholstery.
  • Wash sinks and counters, walls near toilet, bathtub floor and sides.
  • Clean shower wall tiles up to shoulder height and under-sink cupboard.
  • Shine faucets (sink, bathtub, shower head…).
  • Clean horizontal and vertical blinds without taking them down.
  • Clean behind furniture, by moving it, if possible, and under beds.
  • Wash dishes from one meal only and not from a whole day.
  • (on request) Change bed linens.
  • (on request) Wash clothing.
  • (on request) Clean inside cupboards.
  • (on request) Clean inside and outside the refrigerator and oven, outside the dishwasher, stove top, washer and dryer.

Big cleaning

  • Inside and outside of refrigerator, oven and stove top, outside dishwasher, washing machine and dryer
  • Sink, counters, cupboard doors, inside cupboards, outside range hood, filters and ceiling fans
  • Inside and outside microwave, toaster, kettle and other visible electrical appliances
  • Floor, carpeting, rugs, floors of cupboards and closets, using the vacuum cleaner or broom
  • Garbage cans (kitchen and washroom)
  • Vertical and horizontal surfaces of furniture (dusting)
  • Picture frames, ornaments, lamps (dusting)
  • Mirrors
  • Upholstery, using the vacuum cleaner
  • Sinks, wall tiles in shower, cupboard under the sink, faucets (kitchen and bathroom)
  • Horizontal and vertical blinds, by taking them down
  • Underneath and behind furniture, by moving it, and underneath beds
  • Any dishes in the sink
  • Floors, walls and ceilings (by washing)
  • Windows (inside and outside), plus mouldings and window frames
  • Baseboards and frames
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