LOGI+NET’s (or Les associés de l’entretien ménager) offers home cleaning services both for seniors lacking autonomy and active persons in the area of Lasalle, Lachine et Dorval.

  • Are you no longer able to keep your house like you used to?
  • Are you are too busy to clean your home?
  • Are you allergic to dust, dander or dirt?

LOGI+NET can help!

LOGI+NET’s methodically trained staff also provides assistance to seniors (aged 65 and over) who are no longer able to perform household chores.

Seniors, who do not like to feel as though they are a burden on their loved ones, often do feel as if the only option they have is to move into retirement homes or nursing homes. If you are among these individuals, we want you to know that you do have a choice!

Based in Ville LaSalle, Quebec, LOGI+NET is a local cleaning and home maintenance company offering services to Lasalle, Lachine and Dorval residents.

We help individuals, who are dealing with health concerns, enjoy their independence, privacy, and comfort by allowing them to remain at home in a clean and healthy environment.

Our quality services are provided by hand selected individuals who are carefully trained to ensure one hundred percent customer satisfaction. LOGI+NET’s employees follow a strict code of ethics which instills confidence in both service and customer relations. LOGI+NET is part of a Quebec government employment re-integration process, which proudly dedicates itself to both the customer and worker.

If you are aged 65 and over and live in the Dorval – Lachine – LaSalle area, we can assist you.

Our wide array of services include government subsidized house cleaning to low income individuals and families.

Income tax deduction

Please note that if you are 70 years of age and over, you are eligible for the Home Support Service Tax Credit offered by the Government of Quebec. Accordingly, a portion of our rates is tax deductible.

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