Newspaper – radio

Every three months, a newsletter is published to show the organization’s activities.

To read the newsletters “L’uni-son”, click on:

Le bulletin l’Uni-son - 14

Loans from the Library “L’octogone”

A person affiliated with the library delivers directly to the organization, books, newspapers or magazines that people who are present at community dinners have ordered.

A study by Montreal University

A study “Musclez vos méninges” has been launched by researchers from the University of Montreal, CSSS Cavendish and Sherbrooke University and aims to promote the intellectual vitality of seniors who are self sufficient.

This group program offers ten two hours meetings with a senior. Its objectives are:

  • Information about normal intellectual aging
  • Increase sense of control over their aging
  • Teaching practical tips for keeping their memory alert
  • To experiment with stimulating games
  • Explore the resources of the district in stimulating activities
  • Initiate a walking program in order to better oxygenate their brain

Fifteen people, members of the organization, participate in this study over a 3 year period since 2009.

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