Echange de services de Lasalle

Provides a medical transport service at an affordable cost to socio-economically poor and frail seniors, the disabled people and young kids in need of psychosocial interventions.

Breaks the isolation of seniors by providing community meals and organized outings.

Improves or maintains the health of older people socio-economically poor and frail and people with mental health problems by providing a delivery service for meals at lower cost.

Our objectives are

  • To help the residents of LaSalle
  • To assist seniors in maintaining their autonomy and an active social life style in the community
  • To contribute in maintaining mental and physical well being of seniors
  • To promote and to recruit volunteers of all ages
5 to 7 - March 21th 2012

5 to 7
March 21th 2012

Become a member !

For $ 5 a year, a membership card will be given to you to get discounts on some of our activities or our services.

carte membre 2012

Member Card 2012

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